Advice From A Mama’s Boy

A student recently asked “What are some things my parents and I can do to improve our relationship and get along better?”

Some things that you could do to improve your relationship with your parents is to hang out with them and try to find common interests or even just do some things they like. In return, they might do some things that you like as well. You can try to listen to them and tell them things about your life. Also, just do what they ask and be grateful for what they do for you. Whether you would like to admit it or not, they most likely do a bunch for you and they give you everything that you have. You could go out to dinner with your family. Something that I think that you could do is just have a sit down talk with your parents. Many times it is really situational though. To conclude, try to find some common interests and try to hang out with your parents and show them respect and that you are grateful.  Then things should improve. At least, in my experience they have.