Just Do It

A student recently asked “I’m having a hard time being motivated in school, what are some strategies to help with that?”   

Even though it may be harder to stay motivated to go to school towards the end of the 4 quarter because you don’t want to do anymore work. Usually you naturally get more lazy waiting for summer to come it is still important to stay positive and motivated.

One strategy for staying motivated is to think of the future. The thing to think about is where all this knowledge and education will take you to become successful. A quote my grandparents used to say to me that I always thought of when I didn’t feel like doing something. The quote they always said was, “In life, you will get out whatever you put in.” The meaning of that quote is that all your hard work will pay off someday. Another strategy is  to make a deal with your parents, For example, if you get good grades then they have to take you to your favorite restaurant or go see a movie. In conclusion, If you are dedicated and if you are willing to put in the work, you will have a greater chance to be successful.