Need Advice? Look No Further!

Welcome to the advice column! In this section of the New Way Newspaper you can read questions that students have and get advice on how they can handle a situation in their lives.

Question 1: What are some suggestions you have for a new student to make friends?

Answer: This question is very important because friendships can bring joy to our lives and help us get through struggles in life. When wanting to start friendships, there are several things you can do to spark one. One of the best ways to gain a friend is to find common interests between the two of you. These interests could include sports, music, or even their favorite subject in school. When trying to find common interests with others, initiate the conversation and ask them questions about what they like and what their hobbies are.  

If you feel uncomfortable starting conversations with others, you can always try joining a team or a club. Try to find a sport or club that you would enjoy and that you are interested in. When you join the team or club, you already have a connection with the others on it because you are all passionate about the thing you are doing. Team sports are especially good for helping you start friendships because it teaches you to work together with your team, and thus you are interacting with those around you!

When starting a friendship keep a couple of things in mind. First, be open-minded and optimistic because there are pro’s and con’s for everything and everyone so don’t shut someone out because they have one flaw. Be sure to remember, that the most crucial part of starting a friendship is to be yourself!

Question 2: Why won’t my parents let me move out when I turn 18, even though the law says that I can?

Answer: I’m glad that this question was asked because this is a decision that could change your life and I want you to take a few things into account when making this crucial decision.

First off, try to put yourself in your parent’s shoes. Your parents probably want what’s best for you, and they see the dangers of moving out at such a young age. Your parents also want to know that you are safe and healthy.

I would encourage you to do a self-assessment. Ask yourself the following questions:  

  1. Can I pay my own bills/expenses?
  2. Do I have a job that can support my financial needs?
  3. How will I get around?
  4. Where will I stay?

Please remember that moving out does not mean you have total freedom. When you move out and are on your own, you actually take on more responsibilities. Before you take this big step in your life remember that age does not determine your level of maturity.

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