Occupational Therapy

New Way academy is home to some unique classes. All are used to help students with their differences; however most students have never heard of O.T., which stands of Occupational Ttherapy. O.T. This class is  run by three teacher, Miss. Davies who has been here for three years, Miss. Ysasi who has been teaching for two years, and Miss. Perry, how is a first year teaching. These three are very devoted to New Way and to their teaching.

O.T. helping children with their disabilities, participation, and social situations, and even helps students recovering from injury. They participate in The Astronaut Training Protocol where students work to a metronome beat. It works to help body awareness, improve timing, and ocular motor control. They work to educate their students and train them to advocate for themselves. Many students take O.T. classes for several years.

Other skills that students work on during their time with Miss Davies, Miss Ysasi, or Miss Perry are body awareness, motor skills and social situation. These ladies love their work and put a lot of time for their students. Occupational therapy is a class that one must visit in order to fully appreciate!