Do you guys know what happens in STUGO? Well, I’m going to tell you what happens inside that one room that everyone enters. They do many things like who’s in it, where does it take place, and when and how it helps us in many efficient ways.

STUGO is being runned by Miss Alyssa Johnson, Mrs. Lauren DuBois, and Mrs. Andrea Chang. There are a ton of high schoolers that are involved with Stugo. Like for example, Sean Raimbeault, he’s the president of STUGO. He helps out with a lot of activities, cleaning up, and knows how to be responsible and fun at the same time. There a lot of responsible students on STUGO. Each one of them are capable to do anything.

STUGO takes place in the core room and it’s also during 5th period. STUGO members would take time off their own lives to stay after school and help out build or make stuff for any events that would come up.

One example of being on the STUGO team is to be on the STUGO team is after we finish an event, we all feel that same feeling of pride for our school from our accomplishment by Hunter Brice-Nash.  

STUGO helps our everyday lives by maintaining and keeping our school system healthy. STUGO helps us by also keeping our community clean and safe for everyone and everything inside this school.