Super Bowl Foods

The Super Bowl is a great time to hang out with your friends and family, cheer on your favorite football team, eat a whole lot of food. There are many foods you can eat during the super bowl. You can eat chips, hot dogs, burgers, wings, pizza, cookies, and cupcakes.  You can drink sodas, juice, water, lemon water, sparkling water, flavor water, normal water, lemonade, and sweet or unsweetened ice tea. My favorite foods during the super bowl is cheese pizza, Cheetos, Cheez-Its, potato chips, and red velvet Oreos. My favorite drinks are vanilla coke, sweet ice tea, raspberry lemonade, lemon water, and fruit punch.

This year for the super bowl I would like to bake Root Beer Float cupcakes for my family and my friends. I am looking forward to eating all the scrumptious snacks, drinking delicious ice cold Vanilla Coke. Tasting the vanilla in my mouth makes me happy, and I want to eat a yummy slice of the cheesy pizza. In conclusion, The Super Bowl is one of the events you will eat junk food and then in a  food coma. Enjoy your favorite junk foods.  

Here is the website on how to bake the root beer float cupcakes.