50 Years of New Way Academy

New Way Academy was founded in 1968 by two women named Evie Wiseman and Jeanette Bowling. New Way is a private school that help kids who have learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, ADHD, and many other disabilities.

Many students who have learning disabilities have a very difficult time trying to learn in a public school. Public schools often give students too much homework and expect them to finish all of it in one night.

The classes are extremely distracting because there are so many kids in the class, it makes it hard for the teacher and other students to concentrate. But in New Way there are mostly ten or eleven kids in the class. Sometimes even seven or less! This makes it so much easier for the teachers and the students to concentrate on working and there is less distraction.

A lot of parents choose to enroll their child at New Way because learning is easier, it is a very strict No – Bully zone, the teachers are nice and helpful, and it’s a school where kids can have great friends. New Way also teaches the high school students important life skills in a class called “C.O.R.E”, so this will make life more simple for students by the time they reach adulthood, move out of their parent’s house, and go to college.

On January 9, 2018 We celebrated New Way Academy’s 50th Anniversary. There were teachers wearing golden hats, beaded necklaces, and capes. There were some people dressed up in the funny looking mascot costumes. I took pictures of everything that was going on for the yearbook. Then we celebrated and had cupcakes. It was wonderful!

This school has been helping students with learning disabilities get into a better place for over 50 years! This school has definitely helped me a lot when it came to learning difficult subjects like math and science. I feel like I can call this place my second home because we help and support each other. We are like one big family at New Way.