Black Cocoa Banana Bread Recipe

Have you ever thought about trying to do something new one weekend? Maybe you can start by learning a new hobby. Maybe taking a sewing class, learning a new sport, or even stepping your game up in the kitchen with a new recipe every month. Now, most people don’t usually have the time during the week to bake or say they aren’t good at it. It’s okay if you don’t have great culinary skills or you just don’t have time for something intricate to make. My suggestion is to go with something you’re familiar with and add a twist to it whether it be the texture or the flavor to your baked good.

This banana bread recipe is simple with an added ingredient most people don’t know about or don’t usually use often. You may have guessed the ingredient already by the name of this bread, black cocoa. This type of cocoa is different, it’s usually used for the unique color it gives your dessert and sometimes the flavor also. It isn’t usually found in your local supermarket so you may have to buy it online or in specialty food markets.

In this bread recipe, it still has that banana flavor but with a chocolate twist to it that gives the bread a unique taste and color. For those who are allergic to nuts, this recipe doesn’t call for any just more chocolate chips to fold in the batter before you put in your pan. Top it off with the sugar it calls for, and you have a delicious crunchy but sweet top that evens out the rich chocolate banana flavor of the bread. It is quick to make depending on how organized you are in the kitchen but it may be a little more than an hour in the oven to bake. A little tip of mine is to do not use a white washcloth to wipe down excess cocoa powder. It may stain it until the next time you put it through the wash again or run just rinse it off with hot water as much as you can. You can find the recipe below and there are more recipes that use black cocoa on their website.