Fall Kick Off Pictures

Photos by Georgianna Smith

This year’s annual New Way Academy Fall Kick-Off was a major success! There were tons of entertaining activities, including a dunk tank, petting zoo, mechanical bull, and many other fun booths. Dinner was provided by Atlasta Catering, and there were many options for desserts, like the cake walk and a Cold Stone ice cream truck. The main event of the Fall Kick-Off is the infamous “Kiss the Pig” competition. For about a month, students deposit money into the piggy bank of the teacher they would most like to see kiss a pig. The top three teachers with the most funds by the Fall Kick-Off have to kiss a pig in front of the whole school. “Kiss the Pig” is always a fun event that is entertaining but also financially benefits New Way. At the Fall Kick Off, New Way was able to raise a lot of money to support its classrooms, organizations, and extra-curricular activities through of all of the booths and activities. The Fall Kick-Off is definitely one of the highlights of the school for many students and teachers but is also beneficial to New Way’s mission to help its students. It is a great event and I hope New Way will continue the fun tradition for many years to come. Here are some highlights from this year’s Fall Kick-Off: