On March 8, 2019, the high school had a school trip to Seattle, so teachers can experience the fun and adventurous wonders with their students. I was one of the students that went on the Seattle trip, and this trip for me would be a 10 out of 10 because it was fun enjoying Seattle with my peers and the teachers, including Mrs.Buchanan, Mrs.Linda, and Mrs. Badke. Tourist attractions we visited were an underground abandoned city which explains a little bit about Seattle’s history, Bill/Melinda Gates Foundation, Pop Culture Museum, Science Center, Space Needle, Boeing Flight Center, and the shopping/eatery mall center. Of all the attractions, my top two would be the Pop Culture Museum and the Science Center.

The Pop Culture Museum was awesome because it was amazing to see tons of items on display based on a certain movie that you would know, and I loved learning about the background about each costume or set. The Science Center was awesome, as well, because, in my opinion, the geology side was awesome. It had a huge section just based on dinosaurs and displayed a significant amount of some different species of dinosaurs. I would recommend for my other peers as well to go on this trip next year because it’s packed with tons of fun.