The History of the Bulldog

With additional reporting by Milan Mahant

The bulldog was originally bred as a herder. Herder breeds were called this because they were used to herd animals such as cows and sheep. A bulldog was bred so that its belly hung low near the ground and its look skin meant the bull would have less trouble with the cow stomping him. The bulldogs fought in the “sport” of bull baiting where they attacked a bull and the bet on who would win.  After bull baiting was made illegal, bulldogs were bred more for loyalty and friendliness. As a result, bulldogs are smaller today than in the past but are known as being kinder and friendlier than their bloodthirsty past would suggest.

The history of the bulldog at New Way Academy exemplifies effort, perseverance, determination, and encourages students to work hard. The bulldog is the heart and soul of our school. Also, the mascot at New Way Academy brings out the spirit of our school to always never, ever, ever give up. However, we don’t exactly know the real answer we have a bulldog as our mascot.