Thanksgiving Traditions

The end of November means that it is one of America’s favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. Originally created to honor the peace between Native Americans and pilgrims, Thanksgiving has now morphed into a national holiday known for famous parades, football games, family traditions, and of course, lots of food. To find out what New Way students think of the famous holiday, I created a poll to discover the student body’s favorite Thanksgiving food and traditions.

In total, 63 students filled out the poll that I sent out a few weeks ago. The poll contained only two questions, the first asking students their favorite Thanksgiving dish. Out of those students, 20.6% said that turkey was their favorite Thanksgiving food. Other top answers were pie at 12.7%, mashed potatoes at 11%, and green bean casserole at 8%. About twenty people answered that their favorite Thanksgiving food was something other than the traditional dishes I had listed. Some of those interesting answers including pumpkin soup, ham, sweet potatoes, and some non-traditional answers, including McDonald’s.

In the second part of the poll, I asked students what their favorite Thanksgiving tradition was. Many people said spending time with family and eating were their favorite parts of the holiday. Other popular answers included watching the Thanksgiving Day parade, saying grace before eating, and watching football with family.

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving break. Don’t forget to celebrate your favorite traditions and eat your favorite food this holiday. Thank you to everyone who participated in this poll, and remember to check your email inbox for any future New Way News polls.