April the Giraffe in April

On April 15, the giraffe named April gave birth to her 4th calf. The video streamed on YouTube for days, having 1.2 million people watching till the end (wfaa.com). April, after giving birth, was injured. The live steam was cut as fast as they can when the injury happened.

People were confused and angry about this. Jordan Patch, owner of Animal Adventure Park, says she twisted her ankle, which is uncommon for tall animals. The day after they said that “it was the equivalent to barely rolling your ankle” (abc7.com).

Now she has her healthy boy running around in her enclosure. The calf’s dad is on the other side of it, checking on him every now and then. But Oliver, the dad, mustn’t help raising the giraffe. According to, Abc.com, male giraffes only care about two things, getting in fights and being embarrassed.