Fall Kickoff 2017

Every year in October, New Way Academy’s STUGO team makes plans to open up the Fall Kickoff. A Fall Kickoff is a school carnival and fundraiser. They help schools raise lots of money for education and new equipment like a swing set.

At the Fall Kickoff, there are plenty of activities to do such as watching three teachers kiss a pig, a dunk tank for staff and high-school seniors, petting the animals at the petting zoo, playing the fun carnival games, and getting a face paint.

The best part about the Fall Kickoff is the petting zoo because of the adorable barn animals they have such as goats, piglets, chicks, hens, sheep, and a pony. The goats are the most interesting animal in the petting zoo because they make all of these hilarious noises when you brush or pet them and the way they walk. My second favorite animal at the petting zoo would be the wonderful baby chickens. They are the sweetest cuddly bundle of joy, make these cute little chirping sounds when you hold them and will come very close if you have food. If you are a lover of animals or learning about different types of animal behavior I would recommend coming to the petting zoo and seeing how the animals behave and what they do.

New Way Academy’s wonderful Fall Kickoff is the best school event I have ever been to, and I hope they will continue this amazing tradition.