Calling all worker bees in town, there is a new buzz going around about a place called Honeymee. There are multiple stores located all over California and only one is currently open here in the Biltmore Fashion Park. However, there are more locations being built here in Arizona including a store in Fashion Square mall and one other being built. It is a perfect place to go to for a snack if you waiting for an event after school.

Honeymee is a family-owned shop mostly known for their ice cream and the 100% pure honey that is blended into most of their products. They offer ice cream with different toppings, milkshakes, iced teas, cheese cream tea, and waffles. The ice cream is sweet and it has the texture of soft serve ice cream but a is tad bit better. Their milkshakes are flavorful, thick, and creamy and they come in many different flavors. For those who have never heard of cheese cream tea, it is iced tea that is topped with a blend of whipped cream and cream cheese. However, they don’t serve the teas or waffles at the current open store but it is worth it to go since the weather is getting warmer.