Review: Unbaked

Additional Reporting by Claire Stabilito

I think everyone has at least one memory of baking cookies. Wherever you made them with your parents when you were younger, or you make treats regularly, you, like many people, may have been tempted to finish off the remaining batter left over after you’ve finished baking. Maybe you have been told to not eating huge amounts of cookie dough, for possible fear of stomach aches brought on by the raw egg included in the batter. However, in more recent years, edible cookie dough has been developed, made with pre-cooked eggs in order to avoid sickness. Now, a new restaurant has opened in Old Town Scottsdale, Unbaked. Unbaked is an interesting take on the modern dessert parlor, but instead of serving ice cream, they serve edible cookie dough. To find out more about whenever whole scoops of cookie dough could truly be appealing, we went to Unbaked and tried some of their classic cookie dough recipes.  

Unbaked opened recently in Phoenix, it is also a family-owned bakery that sells unbaked cookie dough. The restaurant interior is reminiscent of an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop, but with a counter lined with bins of cookie dough instead of the classic frozen treat. Unbaked has its own unique way of serving up your cookie dough of choice. They have many options, ranging from normal, gluten-free, and vegan cookie dough options, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. You can order it in a cup, cone, and even in an unbaked ice cream sandwich. There are many flavors of cookie dough flavors to choose from, like the classic chocolate chip to even Nutella churro. We tried the traditional chocolate chip, sugar cookie, and Oreo flavors. The cookie dough is delicious, but it is an extremely different experience from eating ice cream. It takes exactly like cookie dough you would make at home, but eating a scoop of it out of a cup was a new experience.  The interesting texture reminded us a bit of PlayDough, albeit very delicious PlayDough. The experience was quirky and fun, but we agreed we will be staying loyal to ice cream as our favorite scooped treat.

Overall, we recommend going to Unbaked if you are looking for a classic cookie dessert with a twist. The restaurant is welcoming with a unique and modern atmosphere that is bright and totally picture worthy. Will unbaked cookie dough becomes America’s new favorite scooped treat? Head to Unbaked restaurant and decide for yourself!