X-Files: Season 9

X-Files is show about the paranormal. The FBI has a small department called X-Files which Special Agent Mulder got interested in. This department is usually laughed at and made fun of by other co-workers at the FBI. Special Agent Mulder (played by David Duchovny) is the main person in charge of the X-Files. He had one sibling which was his sister and a half brother. The reason he joined the X-Files was because his sister was abducted at age of 8. “Mulder has been obsessed with finding out what happened to his sister”. Special agent Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson) was sent to check up on Mulder and to assist him in his work. Through the series many abnormal events happen like Government conspiracies, alien abductions, and the existence of super soldiers. Dana Scully is a non-believer and she doesn’t believe in anything paranormal. Agent Scully is a doctor and always trying to find a logical explanation for Mulder’s cases. Throughout the show you get to watch Scully slowly start to realize the truth of the existence of extraterrestrial life. They also find the corruption and disgraceful acts of the government. In the original X-Files there are nine seasons.

Every time Mulder and Scully get close to finding the truth the government is there to cover it up. Mulder and Scully over time start and romantic relationship and have a baby. The Syndicate was an organization some of the most powerful people in the government. They are the main people who keep getting in Mulder’s and Scully’s way. They are responsible for covering up the alien virus and abducting children and exporting. A few members of this organization were taken out by alien rebels that they tried making peace with.

I thought this show was an incredible mix of how power breeds corruption and the truth behind power. This show keeps watchers on the edge of their seats with its terrifying yet thrilling events that happen to its characters. I really loved this show since I always thought that governments around the world have power but have a lot of corruption that comes with the power. Seeing a show that gets so detailed into conspiracy and corruption was a rare treat for me. This show had a lot of thought put into every episode.  The characters were one of the main reason I liked it because I could tell that they put their hearts into acting and really made fictional characters real. This show revealed the truth that the corrupt organizations and powerful men protect, and also how these agents spend their lives searching for that which is too great for even the strongest individuals. I would very much recommended this season and the whole show for people who are into aliens or extraterrestrial life.