Transition Teacher: Ms. Keathley

How do you help the students transition after New Way?

Here at New Way we are really passionate about preparing our students for post secondary plans so that might be college, community college, trade school, a job you name it and we are on board for whatever makes students and their families feel fulfilled and meaningful after New Way. So here at New Way we start with having transition interviews and meetings with families every year. We take a lot of elective field trips which allows students to be exposed to post secondary pathways and then senior year we teach all of our students for two periods a day for what’s called the senior core curriculum where students practice learning about careers and colleges.  

What’s the most difficult part for students transitioning?

So I think the unknown is probably the most challenging part for students so here at New Way a lot of our students have been here for a long time they had a lot of experience with the school, and the students, and teachers and the idea of going somewhere new can be a little bit scary but also really exciting and we just try to remind our students thats a normal feeling and it’s ok to be a little bit scared that’s just our bodies way helping us to prepare for something new.

Can you share your experience transitioning after high school?  

I grew up in Texas and then I moved here to Arizona to go to the University of Arizona and I was a student there for four years and I was also part of the Salt program which offers support for students with learning differences so I have learning differences and became really passionate about helping other students with learning differences successfully transition to post secondary setting and after I went to the University of Arizona I moved back to Texas where I got my master degree and worked for a few years in the University with students with disabilities before I went back to Arizona to work at New Way.  

If you were stuck on a deserted Island which three people at New Way do you want on your team?

I’ve decided Chef Chewy is for sure on my list because he would help make sure we were fed and we have no chance to get off the island unless we knew how to cook and prepare a yummy meal and I think he would know what was edible on the island and how we could eat. My second person would be Mr. Tony because I know he would help us learn how to build a suitable fort or a tent or some kind of housing to keep us safe. My last person is Mrs. Ross because I feel like she would be able to handle the stress really well and she would be able to help us creatively solve a way off the island.    

How would your team get off the Island?

I think with all of our help we could somehow create an idea to build some sort of boat that Mr. Tony could be in charge of leading us in building he would be our leader and Mr. Chewy could help us prepare a bunch of food to take with us on the boat and Mrs. Ross would know exactly what to do she would be so calm and level headed and she would be our fearless leader and I’m confident we would get off the island.

If you picked any Marvel character to be who would you choose and why?

I think I have to go with Wonder Woman. She’s just a fearless courageous women and she’s all about female empowerment and I just think Wonder Woman wins.